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That's just an alias.

3 hole punchers, 400 pound hairy gorillas, affirmitive action, antiques, anxiety, ascii porn, asparagus, asperigus, athelete's foot, back pain, bad stuff, banner advertisements, beurocracy, big stupid assholes, biohazards, blood plasma, bodily functions, boring stuff, bowevils, canaries, cat5 ethernet cable, cell phones, coconuts, coffee beans, copy protection algorythms, cotton jenny, current events, dentists, depression, dickheads, dictionaries, dingle berrys, dingos, donkey raping, drudgery, dry heat, ear wax, excommunication, eye sockets, fark, feminine dryness, fleas, floppy drives, football, furtivelight, gnats, google, goose eggs, government censorship, green thumbs, halloween, headphones, heart shaped boxes, heat, homeless transvestites, hot potatoes, hotmail, house plants, husks, indigestion, infomercials, iregularity, irritation, jello, jones inc, kitfoxes, laggers, lawyers, livejournal, mac.com, magic toenails, malaki, man teets, marine biologists, mashed potatoes, missing body parts, mosquito abatement, my favorite color, my own self, nasal mucus, nasty rashes, newbies, news, nicaragua, orangatans, oscilating fans, painfull urination, paloric sphincters, paper, paper bags, paul oakenfold, phiopean tubes, photar.cjb.net, pitbulls, pizza, pocket protectors, poverty, prune juice, prune puke, prune trees, prunes, puke, rescue 911, rocking chairs, sarcasm, sasquach, scanners, sea food, shit eaters, small rocks, socialism, soil samples, spam, statistics, straws, sublime, sweat, taints, teen spirit, telemarketers, telephones, teletubbies, the black night, the devil, the harbrace college handbook, the holy grail, the internet, ticks, toenail clippings, traffic jams, transcontinental railroads, tree limbs, trees, unfortunate wetnesses., usb, vaginal yeast, waiting in lines, water, water coolers, water heaters, youth in asia